Friday, September 10, 2010

Pick and Save Shopping Trip

Every time I shop at Pick and Save now, I am always amazed at how much cheaper I get groceries since couponing with the Double Daze.  It has become my favorite grocery store - I get such great deals!

The really good deals were:

Free Milk (plus overage) -Milk was $1.98 w/ coupon and I had a 'get one free' milk coupon valued up to $3.25 - it rang up for the full amount so I had $1.27 overage

Free Eggs (plus overage) - same thing, with 20 cents overage

Uncle Ben's Rice - $2.19 - $2 ($1 doubled coupon) = 19 cents!
Digorno Pizza - $2.20 - $2 ($1 doubled coupon) = 20 cents!
Ritz Pretzel - $2.75 - $2 ($1 doubled coupon) = 75 cents!

Now, I always wonder how to treat I take the total overage ($1.47) and split it across all items, or do I just 'take it off' certain items?  (I know, I know, I overthink waaaay too much!) 

Well, I decided to take it off the 3 items above and consider them free - and I will take the remaining 34 cents off something else!!  Love getting free stuff and this makes me feel like I did REALLY well (5 free items)!!

The whole trip cost me $16.79 after using $15.51 in coupons; almost saved half the price of the groceries!

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