Friday, April 22, 2011

My Blog Has Moved!!!

So sorry, but my blog was sooooo slow after we switched to Internet Explorer 9.  You can find me now at

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Back in the game!

Woohoo, I am back in the couponing game! I got out of it while in Tallahassee, but started up again this week. Aaand, my deals were small, at least it gave me the incentive again to go back to using coupons and pairing them up with current store deals.

At Pick and Save this week, I got 28 oz. Red Gold tomatoes for 50 cents each, McCormick seasoning pack for free (would not have bought it otherwise) and Jim's little Sugar Free snack cones for 99 cents each! That is an awesome price for those - they were $2.99 and I had 2 $1 coupons doubled..

At Pig, just picked up a few produce items, but bought the Creamette for only 14 cents. I used a Pig coupon to make it 69 cents and used a manufacturer's coupon for 55 cents - bringing it to 14 cents.

I figure between the 50 cent tomatoes, free seasoning for Chicken Cacciatori and 14 cent pasta - I will be making a pretty inexpensive meal soon!!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Been a while...

Wow, I came to my blog and realized how long it has been since I've posted.  I was totally into blogging and getting my blog 'just right', that I took a hiatus from all the time I'd spent on it.  4 months is a bit too long, though!

I've just updated my 2010 Savings total - $1862.64!  That was since March, and while it is no where near as high as some others, it was pretty amazing to me.  How can I NOT coupon?  If I am willing to put in the effort, it will truly benefit my family.

We are currently vacationing in Florida, and I cannot coupon like I did in back home.  I feel the urge to go buy things at a great price, but have to be careful to not add too much weight to our trailer.  So, I will stick with the needs, and see how that goes!

I have returned, once again, to Weight Watchers, and will try to focus my shopping on those items that will help me be successful - rather than all the low cost candy bars I'd been buying!  If I buy them, I will try and maintain my willpower to give them to others!!  Since we will be vacationing several months, this will be a great time for me to organize my shopping needs, so that I can hit it hard when I get home.

Looking forward to a great year...