Thursday, September 2, 2010

As good as mom's

Ahhh, the aroma of the dinner wafts through the air!  Tasting so much better because you have smelled it for over an hour (you know how that is)!

This week I made one of my hubby's favorite meals - boiled dinner; very similar to corned beef and cabbage, but made with ham. 

We've been married 21 years and I just started making this meal about 10 years ago.  Every time we would go up 'north' to see my in-laws, my mother-in-law would come greet us and say "Guess what I am making?"  With a inward groan, but a happy voice, I would say "Boiled Dinner?!?" 

You see, I am not a ham eater, nor did I care for carrots too much, so this meal was absolutely not on MY list of favorites.  But, after several years, it grew on me.  And after several more years, I tried making it; wow, so easy!  For the most part, this is a pretty frugal  meal too, which is always a plus!

So, we enjoyed our boiled dinner this week, which turned out to be as good as mom's!


Yvonne said...

Looks so inviting...I can almost smell it. When I grow up I want to be just like you and Dawn so I can take pictures of meals I've prepared.

Lissa said...

It was REALLY good, I kept nibbling!

You are so funny, when I grow up I want to be like Dawn too! She's a real cook. But hey, you could take pics of your Zone bars!

Yvonne said...

When I'm motivated and guilted I can bake. I made Chuck an Apple pie (from scratch) last weekend using Splenda. He said it was the best pie I ever made (and apple pies are my specialty). Guess now I'll have to make another so I can take a picture of it. lol.

Lissa said...

You DO make good pies, and when you make one, you should take a pic!

I can't get the whole 2 crust thing down, the bottom crust doesn't seem to cook for me.

I always have to make an apple cobbler-like dessert, with only crust on top. Make it with Splenda and tart apples, yum!

Judie said...

All right, Y'all. Do I have to post the picture of my Turtle Pecan Pie that I made for Christmas again? Looks like I will have to in order to compete with this. Have to admit Jim makes better crusts then I do, however. lol

This does look good though, Lissa! Good job & I know my brother loves it! Used to be my favorite meal too until my "stomach problems!" =( You do keep the container somewhere of the juice from this don't you? That has to go on top of it all after you get it mashed down! =)

Lissa said...

Judie - your pie looked amazing! Maybe I'll need a Sister in Law page for all of those pics!

Some of the juice was under the 'pile' but didn't think to save it all - will remember that!

Anonymous said...

Well you can make the comments, but I was lucky enough to get to eat it, It was GOOD.