Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Pick and Save; A New Way to Shop!

So today, I shopped completely different at Pick and Save. I really had nothing in particular that I was looking to get since I was preoccupied with leaving town. But, it was double 10 coupons and I hated to miss out on the reduced groceries.

I went in with my coupons and just walked the aisles, looking for sales that matched my coupons. Surprisingly, it did not really take me much longer to do that, then when I have a list!

I did pretty well, bought $29.04 worth of groceries (after sales) and ended up paying $13.64!! Yep, I was pretty excited…  $15.40 worth of coupons after doubing!!

My really good deals were:

Uncle Ben’s rice - $2.19 minus $1/doubled = .19!
Oreo cookies - $2.69 minus $1/doubled = .69
Chex cereal - $2.79 minus $1/doubled = .79
Sara Lee Key Lime Pie (ready to serve) –
        Clearance for $1.64 minus $.75 doubled = .14!!

Who would have known couponing could be such a rush?!?

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