Saturday, July 10, 2010

Love Pick and Save Double Daze!

Pick and Save was one of those grocery stores that I seldom shopped at before I became a "couponer".  I look back in amazement, once again, at all the good deals I missed before my couponing days began.  Combining sales at P&S with the double coupons almost always gets me something for free that week!

This week, I bought my $25 worth of groceries ($25.73 to be exact) and paid only $14.73 OOP.

Again, the yogurt and Kraft 100 calorie cheese were free (plus got .34 overage on the Kraft cheese)!  I so seldom pay anymore for yogurt, it will be hard to start paying again if they ever stop the double days!

My "OK" deals (good sale at PS):
1 Popsicle - $1
2 Lunchables - .98 each

My great deals:
1 Activia yogurt - $2
(minus $1 coupon/doubled) = free
1 Kraft 100 Calorie cheese - $1.66
(minus $1 coupon/doubled) = free +.34
2 Skinny Cow Truffles - 2/$7.00
(minus 2 $1 coupons/doubled) = $1.50 each!! 
This was great since it is normally 4.89 a box here.
2 Lean Cuisine meals - 2/$4.00
(minus $1 coupon/doubled) = $1.00 each!

For all of the following, it cost me $14.73. 

Not bad when you consider that the Bologna was $5.99 (this is my 'filler' to get my total to $25 when I need it...only Bologna my hubby eats) and the bananas were $1.10.

That means $7.64 for everything else!!

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