Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas decorations...

I was playing with my camera, trying to improve my 'night' shots. Still haven't mastered it yet, but I really like how some of the pictures turned out. Here is my 'white' tree:

I had wanted a tall, thin tree to put white lights on. When Niki was pregnant with Julia she found this tree after Christmas for $11 - what a deal! She had to race to get the last one from a woman that was eying it; but, pregnant and all she got it - and I was thrilled!!
Here are some of the decorations:

I had such a blast shopping for these ornaments after I knew I was going to finally be able to decorate a tree in white lights. We have enough now, but I still love looking at burgundy and gold ornaments at the stores....
Our Mickey/Minnie tree skirt------------------------One of our little outdoor trees
Our IKEA lights - love these (copied the idea from Niki) I love all the lights at Christmas and always think that it would be so cool to see them all year. I suppose, though, they would become common, then they would not be so special...

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